To get started with Printing facilities of hp printer, download and install the full-feature driver available at 123.hp.còm/setup which is the official website for hp printers.

HP is now a leading brand in the world of printer technology and its extensive range for a wide category of peoples for their personal or professional use. A huge array of multifunction printers are available in the market, and amongst them, the hp printer is the best. The hp printer website: 123.hp.còm/setup offers unbelievable worth for money: an affordable home printer that generates extraordinary quality documents and photos.

Downloading Steps of HP Printer Driver

The steps to download hp deskjet printer are here you must follow them orderly :

  1. First power ON the HP Printer and connect your computer and the printer.
  2. Then download the software and driver for your printer from 123.hp.còm/setup and enter your printer name and the model number.
  3. Start your download by choosing the terms and condition checkbox.
  4. Next if your printer is not listed in the next screen, click my printer is not shown button.
  5. Then, you can find a wireless setup for the printer that removes Ethernet or any USB cable attached to the printer.

HP Printer Troubleshooting

Paper jams and offline errors are not common with 123.hp.còm/setup printers. Usually, a Paper Jam or Jam in Fuser error displays on the printer but other error messages or numbers could appear as well. Follow the steps given below for troubleshooting this issue:


  1. Jams should be cleared from inside the printing device as well
  2. For this, turn the printer off first and disconnect all cables from the device
  3. Thereafter, look into the toner and cartridge area to remove any pieces of paper; physically move the carriage to check
  4. Access the paper jam by removing the imaging drum or toner cartridge
  5. Look beneath the path cover from behind the carriage to clear the jammed paper
  6. Lift the printer carefully to open the bottom cleanout door – look here to clear out jammed debris
  7. Finally, reach out to the rear of the printer to remove the paper path cover


  • First, clear all jams from outside of the printer that can be visualized
  • Check the input and output trays for any debris and then look at the entry and exit points of the papers for fragments
  • If the printing device is equipped with an ADF, then open the cover to extract any jammed papers

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